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Usually, whiteness on your teeth isn’t a bad thing at all. White teeth are glamorous, but out-of-place white spots on your teeth indicate a problem and can lead to cavities. At Yonkers Dental Arts, serving residents of Yonkers, New York, and Westchester County, Alicia Schraner, DDS, offers IconⓇ white spot treatment to stop cavities in their tracks and keep your teeth healthy. To learn more about the treatment and if you’re a good candidate, schedule a consultation online or by phone today.

ICON - White Sport Treatment Q & A

What is Icon white spot treatment?

Icon white spot treatment is a microinvasive dental procedure that reduces the number of white spot lesions on your teeth. Without using drills or other intimidating machinery, Dr. Schraner targets the weakened enamel on your teeth that is extra prone to cavities.

The treatment fills and reinforces the weak white spots on your enamel while preserving the natural color of your teeth and making them stronger.

Why might I need Icon white spot treatment?

White spots on your teeth are the result of the loss of calcium. These white spots aren’t just unpleasing to look at, they actually indicate the start of cavities forming on your teeth.

If you don’t treat them early with Icon white spot treatment, they can turn into cavities that require root canals, fillings, or other more extensive treatments to fix. Untreated cavities can lead to many more serious problems that can affect your overall health beyond that of your mouth.

White spots are caused by:

  • A lack of oral hygiene
  • Too much fluoride
  • Eating too much sugar or acidic foods
  • Poorly formed enamel

Many of these causes start during childhood when your teeth are especially vulnerable and prone to damage. Your teeth are also especially vulnerable while you have braces or other appliances that make it difficult to clean them properly.

Dr. Schraner can give you tips for how to prevent white spots on your teeth from forming or worsening.

What are the benefits of Icon white spot treatment?

Icon white spot treatment helps keep your mouth clean and healthy and, most importantly, prevents cavities. Other benefits of Icon white spot treatment when compared to other treatments to prevent cavities include:

  • No uncomfortable drilling
  • No complications from anesthesia
  • Preserves the structure of your tooth
  • Keeps your teeth’s coloring consistent
  • Less expensive than cavity treatments
  • Less time-consuming than cavity treatments

Icon white spot treatment allows you to stop cavities in their tracks. At your appointment, Dr. Schraner gives you tips for how to preserve your oral health and prevent more white spots from forming.

The white spots on your teeth are more than just a cosmetic nuisance. To treat your cavities before they form, call Yonkers Dental Arts or book an appointment online today for Icon white spot treatment.