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Caring for your gums is just as important as maintaining your teeth. In fact, many of the most pressing dental issues affect your gums just as much as your teeth. At Yonkers Dental Arts, Alicia Schraner, DDS, offers periodontal treatment to men and women in Yonkers, New York, and the neighboring Westchester County communities that can help keep your gums healthy, pink, and beautiful. To find out how to take great care of your gums, or to learn more about gum disease, call Yonkers Dental Arts or schedule a consultation online today.

Periodontal Treatments Q & A

What is periodontal treatment?

Periodontal treatments are the aspect of dentistry that focuses on keeping your gums healthy. This means keeping them clean and bacteria-free to combat and prevent gum disease that can destroy your mouth and cause you to lose teeth.

If you get gum disease or if your gums are damaged, you’ll need surgical or nonsurgical periodontal treatments to preserve them.

Why is periodontal treatment important?

Periodontal disease, also called gum disease, is characterized by the infection of your gums. Your gums can become infected due to poor oral hygiene that leads to bacterial buildup around your teeth and under your gums. It can be worsened by diabetes, smoking, irregularly shaped teeth, or pregnancy.

There are two types of gum disease, gingivitis and periodontitis:


Gingivitis, the mild form of gum disease, causes red and swollen gums. It’s easily reversible with proper oral hygiene and a little extra care from Dr. Schraner.


Periodontitis is a severe form of gum disease. If you have periodontitis, your gums separate from your teeth, leaving large pockets where bacteria accumulates. If these pockets become infected, your tissue and bone deteriorate and you may lose your teeth. It requires more aggressive treatment than simple cleaning and care.

What are some examples of periodontal treatments?

If you have periodontal disease that has progressed past gingivitis, you’ll need one or more treatments to preserve your oral health and your teeth. At Yonkers Dental Arts, Dr. Schraner offers:

Laser gum treatment

Laser gum treatment is a nonsurgical solution for gum disease. Dr. Schraner uses the intense light from a laser to kill the bacteria in and around your gums and remove disease and decay. Laser gum treatment also helps your gums to reattach themselves to your teeth and grow new, healthy tissue.


Usually combined with root planing, scaling is a procedure that involves the thorough removal of bacteria and plaque from between your gums and teeth.

Root planing

During root planing (which occurs after scaling), Dr. Schraner smooths the surfaces of your teeth under your gums to help keep them free from bacteria accumulation. Then, she puts antibiotics into your gum pockets to prevent further decay from bacteria.

Taking care of your gums means preserving your smile and keeping your mouth disease-free. For expert periodontal treatment, call Yonkers Dental Arts or schedule an appointment online today.